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The Beautiful South Coast

The Beautiful South Coast

The south coast is an instant classic with so much to offer. In this bus tour we stop by two beautiful waterfalls, one called Seljalandsfoss that we can walk behind. The other is the big and mighty Skógafoss which is definitely one of Iceland´s most beautiful waterfalls. We walk along the black sand beach of Reynisfjara and up close to the Sólheimajökull glacier. View cape Dyrhólaey, spectacular ocean cliffs where the ocean is constantly changing the shoreline of Iceland.


Price: 13.400 ISK  – Duration: 9,5 – 10 hours – Location: South Iceland – Season: All year
Departures: 8:30 – Every day. Pick up from accommodation in Reykjavik 30 minutes prior departure – Arrival in Reykjavík: 18:00 – 18:30

Included: Bus tour, English speaking guide.

Excluded: Meals and beverage (lunch stop at village Vík or Reynisfjara)

This tours offers:

  • The Seljalandsfoss where you can walk behind the waterfall
  • The black sand beach of Reynisfjara with it’s columnar basalt formations and ocean carved caves.
  • Cape Dyrhólaey and the view of Seaside cliffs (puffin season is from:15th Mai to 20th of August)
  • Lunch stop is at the small village Vik or Reynisfjara
  • The photogenic waterfall of Skógafoss
  • Sólheimajökull glacier where you take a short walk up to the edge of the glacier

NOTE: Short and easy walks on the sites visited. We recommend that you dress warm because the weather in Iceland is constantly changing.

The beautiful south coast

The beautiful south coast


The Volcanic Peninsula - Reykjanes

The Volcanic Peninsula - Reykjanes

This bus tour takes you through unbelievable contrasts in landscapes. We visit active volcanic area with a colorful & bubbling hot spring area, endless lava fields and moon-like landscape. It is a short drive with many stops. We explore the mystery world of vikings museum and unbelievable landscape in Reykjanes.


Price: 8.700 ISK  – Duration: 6 – 6,5 hours – Location: Reykjanes – Season: Winter – from Sept. 11th – May 31st 

Departure – 9:00 every day. Two passenger minimum – Free pick up from accommodation in Reykavík 30 minutes prior departure-  Arrival in Reykjavík: ca. 15:30

Included: Bus tour, English speaking guide.

Excluded: Meals and beverage (lunch stop at village Grindavík)

This tour offers:

  • Lake Kleifarvatn with its beautiful black sand
  • Stop by the colorful hot spring area of Seltún with hissing and bubbling hot springs all around you
  • Lunch stop in the charming fishing Village of Grindavík (lunch is not included in the price)
  • Gunnuhver, the biggest hot mud spring in Iceland with a crater 20 meters in circumference
  • Drive by spectacular ocean cliffs at Reykjanestá
  • Power Plant Earth, the impressive solar system exhibition that shows how man utilizes different energy sources (admission fee is included in the price)
  • The bridge between continents, a symbolic bridge where you can walk between America and Europe
  • Drive back to Reykjavík through endless moss covered lava fields and volcanic landscape

The Volcanic Peninsula - Reykjanes

Golden Circle & Green Energy

Golden Circle & green energy

The golden circle is one of Iceland’s most visited attraction and an instant classic.  In this bus tour we start by stopping by the largest Geo thermal plant in Iceland at Hellisheiði where we learn about volcanoes, hot springs, earthquakes and energy utilization through multimedia shows and guidance. After the exhibition we explore the small waterfall of Faxi and the grand waterfall of Gullfoss.  We visit Geysir the erupting hot spring area and the beautiful  national park in Iceland Þingvellir.


Geysir Haukadal

Price: 9.900 ISK  – Duration: 8 – 8,5 hours – Location: South Iceland – Season: All year

Departures: 8:50  every day. Pick up from accommodation in Reykjavik starts 30 minutes prior departure.

Included: Bus tour, English speaking guide, Pick up and drop of at accommodation in Reykjavík. Excluded: Meals and beverage ( we make a lunch stop at Gullfoss café or the Geysir area). Admission to Geothermal energy exhibition at Hellisheiði plant (600 ISK / appr. USD 5 / Euro 4)

This tour offers:

  • The beautiful waterfall of Faxi
  • The volcanic Crater Kerid, a nice picture stop of the crater.
  • The mighty Gullfoss waterfall where you can walk all the way up to the waterfall.
  • The Geysir area where the Strokkur hot spring shoots water up to 25 meters in the air (erupting hot spring guarantee).
  • The Þingvellir national park. Iceland´s oldest national park, where the old Viking parliament was established and the tectonic plates are slowly being pulled apart right in front of your eyes.
  • Surprise stop along the way depending on your guides preferences!

NOTE: Short, easy walks on the sites visited. Recommended to dress warm because the weather in Iceland can change in the matter of minutes.

Golden Circle and green energy

Full Afternoon Golden Circle

Full Afternoon Golden Circle

Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir is a must see in Iceland! By going by bus in the afternoon you will have more time and less crowd around to explore the Golden Circle  of Iceland. The Thingvellir national park and a Unesco world heritage site where the two tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart. The Geysir hot spring area has the geyser Strokkur spouting hot water up to 20 meters high every 4 – 8 minutes. The Golden waterfall is at its best in the afternoon where you might spot a rainbow forming in the mist from the waterfall in the sunshine.  In summer time we utilize the long daylight hours  and in winter we adjust to the shortened daylight hours by departing from Reykjavík at 12.00.

Almannagjá rift in Þingvellir.

Price: Adults: IKR 9.200  / Teenagers 10 – 15 years 50% off, Children: 0-9 years free  Duration: 6,5 hours (winter) / 7 hours (summer) Location: South Iceland – Season: All year

Departures from Reykjavík: Downtown/Harpa concert hall – Estimated arrival: Sept. 11th – Mai 31st 18:30 / June 1st – Sept 10th Arrival 20:15/20:30

Included: Bus tour, English guidance

This tour offers:

  • Þingvellir a UNESCO world heritage site and national park, where the old viking parliament was founded. Þingvellir is also filled with history and unique geographical features.
  • Gullfoss waterfall (Golden falls) the powerful waterfall created by melting glaciers.
  • Geysir area with bubbling hot springs and the frequently erupting hot spring Strokkur
  • Faxi waterfall is a pure spring river waterfall, a small waterfall but an extremely beautiful sight

NOTE:  By departing at 12:00 we are able to avoid most of the busy traffic on the popular Golden Circle route. Short easy walks on the sites visited. Warm clothing recommended.