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Available from 15/6. – 9/9. 2018


Þórsmörk – an oasis of natural birch woods. The valleys of Þórsmörk, Langidalur and Básar, are popular destinations for many travelers, not least among the local population, both in winter and summer. Þórsmörk is to the north of the treacherous Krossá river with the rivers Markarfljót and Þröngá as boundary still further to the north.  Langidalur is the end or the start point of the very popular Laugavegur trekking trail. Básar is to the south of Krossá with the imposing Eyjafjalla- and Mýrdalsjökull galciers’ in its back garden.   Básar give access to the hiking pass across the 1000 meter tall Fimmvörðuháls over to hamlet Skógar to the south. Both areas count as wonderland for hikers, with endless trails and routes, in countless small valleys and gorges, with delicate birch woods, glacial rivers, crystal-clear brooks and splendid mountain scenery. The landscapes of this charming destination is a series of deep valleys, crisscrossed by numerous fast flowing rivers, fantastic hiking trails and glaciers on three sides.

Þórsmörk is a popular tourist destination. The road to Þórsmörk is an F marked road and therefor it is prohibited to drive in regular rental cars. Campsite facilities or an overnight stay in mountain huts, please book a bus ride and overnight stay in huts in advance.




 To Þórsmörk/GoðalandDailyDaily
 15/6. – 9/9. 2018.
FromReykjavík Town Hall, Vonarstræti 407:3012:30
Reykjavík campsite, Laugardalur07:4512:45
Reykjavík  Miklabraut South (Kringlan)08:0013:00
Hveragerði  – (Camping )08:3513:35
Selfoss – (N1 service station)08:5013:50
Hella (Árhús & Campsite)09:1014:10
Hella (Bus stop)09:2014:20
Hvolsvöllur – (N1 service station)10:0015:00
Skógar (campsite)10:45**
Gígjökull – Eyjafjallajökull11:4516:00
Goðaland/Básar cabin & campsite12:1516:30
EndÞórsmörk/Langidalur cabin & campsite12:30*16:45*
To Reykjavík 15/6. – 9/9. ’18.DailyDaily
FromÞórsmörk/Langidalur cabin & campsite13:4518:00
Goðaland/Básar cabin & campsite14:0018:15
Gígjökull – Eyjafjallajökull14:3518:50
Skógar (campsite)15:40**
Hvolsvöllur  – (N1 service staion)16:2519:55
Hella (Árhús & Campsite)16:4520:15
Selfoss (N1 service station)17:1020:40
Hveragerði (Camping)17:2520:55
Reykjavík  Miklabraut South (Kringlan)17:5521:25
Reykjavík campsite, Laugardalur18:1021:40
EndReykjavík Town Hall, Vonarstræti 418:2521:55

*Arrival time depends upon road conditions

 **Bus does not stop in Skógar


Return faresAdults 16+12-15 years**
Hikers bus pass* 14.900 14.900
Reykjavík > Þórsmörk > Reykjavík14.8007.400
Selfoss > Þórsmörk > Selfoss13.4006.700
Hveragerði > Þórsmörk > Hveragerði13.4006.700
Hella > Þórsmörk > Hella 9.4004.700
Hvolsvöllur > Þórsmörk > Hvolsvöllur9.4004.700
Seljalandsfoss > Þórsmörk > Seljalandsfoss9.4004.700
One way faresAdults 16+12-15 years**
Reykjavík > Þórsmörk 8.700 4.350
Þórsmörk  > Reykjavík8.7004.350
Hveragerði > Þórsmörk7.4003.700
Þórsmörk > Hveragerði7.4003.700
Selfoss > Þórsmörk7.4003.700
Þórsmörk > Selfoss7.4003.700
Hella > Þórsmörk5.400 2.700
Þórsmörk > Hella5.4002.700
Hvolsvöllur > Þórsmörk5.4002.700
Þórsmörk > Hvolsvöllur5.4002.700
Seljalandsfoss > Þórsmörk5.4002.700
Þórsmörk  > Seljalandsfoss5.4002.700

* Return fare to and from Reykjavík for hikers on the Laugavegur trail.
** Half fare for 12-15 years in care of adults and free for children 11 years and younger.


Additional price for bicycles is kr. 4.000,-. Please note that we can not guarantee space on the bus for bicycles at all times.

We provide transportation of luggage to Básar / Þórsmörk if needed, per package up to 10 kg costs 2.500 kr.- This service is included in the ticked price.

Please note that Landmannalaugar do not offer storage.


Departures: We ask our passengers to arrive at the bus station 15 minutes prior departure.

Change in reservation: If you wish to change your reservation we kindly ask that you give us advance notice, we are very flexible and will help with any alterations or changes you would like to make.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your trip 24 hours prior to departure we will fully refund your ticket. Pls. note that one unused leg of a return trip is nonrefundable.

Prices & Schedules: TREX reserves the right to change prices in the event of taxes or other cost increases out of our control. Tickets purchased prior to the increase will not be affected by the change. TREX reserves the right to make changes to schedules if needed e.g. in case of bad weather or road condition.


Hikers' bus pass

Hikers' bus pass

The Hikers’ bus pass is ideal for those who intend to hike in the Laugavegur trekking trail or other hiking trails with different start and end point. The Hikers’ bus pass is ideal for those who intend to hike in the Laugavegur trekking trail or other hiking trails with different start and end point.  The pass guaranties a single transfer from Reykjavík to your starting point (either at Þórsmörk or Landmannalaugar) and back to Reykjavík again (from Landmannalaugar or Þórsmörk). You can take all the time you need for the hike, provided it falls within the passport’s time frame.  The bus pass is valid for one transfer from Reykjavík to your hike starting point and back to Reykjavík again.

Available from  15/6. – 9/9. 2018

Book your Hikers’ Buss Pass with one click on the button to the left!

There are three marked hiking trails in this area. You can also combine them into one extended hike.

Laugavegur trekking trail is one of the most popular and most traveled hiking trails in the Icelandic highlands. Laugavegur is a 3-4 day 55 km long trail between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk and is famous for spectacular scenery with colorful mountains and glaciers. The busiest time is in July and August but it is less busy in June and September. Most people start their hike on the more gentle slopes from Landmannalaugar but the more challenging way is to start the hike in Þórsmörk and ascend by a steeper approach and are rewarded with a nice warm bath in the Geothermal pool in Landmannalaugar.  You can take the Highland bus (at 07:30 or 12:30) from Reykjavík  to Landmannalaugar (10:10 or 15:35) Hike from Landmannalaugar (600m) – Hrafntinnusker 600m – Álftavatn 1100m with a walking time about 8 hours. From Álftavatn (530m) to Emstrur (500m) with a walking time about 6 hours and  from Emstrur (500m)  to Þórsmörk  (200m). Walking time about 6 hours. You can take the Daily Highland bus from Reykjavík (at 07:30) to Þórmörk (14:30).

To book accommodation in huts:

Fimmvörðuháls is a 22 km one or two day hike from Skógar to Þórsmörk. This is a steep and  difficult hike for experienced hikers only . Walking time about 9 to 10  hours.

To book accommodation in huts:

Hellismannaleið is a three day hike to Rjúpnavellir from a start point at Landmannalaugar. A walk trough lava fields, moon like black sands, up hills and down to green valleys.  This is a challenging hike with a elevation increase of 1000m. On day  one hike from Rjúpnavellir to Áfangagil 17 km. Walking time about 7 hours. Day two – from Áfangagil to Landmannahellir 22 km. Walking time about 8 hours and on day three from Landmannahellir ot Landmannalaugar 17 km. Walking time about 6 hours.  You can take the Highland bus (at 15:35 or 19:30) from Rjúpnavellir to Reykjavík.

To book accommodation in huts follow the links below:

TREX also offers guided tours in English and German on the Laugavegur trail for those who prefer luggage transfer, and accommodation with a full board. You can find detailed information about our tours, prices, departures and booking channels here: http://trex.is/laugavegur/

When hiking in Iceland take notice of constant changes in the weather in Iceland.  Be sure to take warm and waterproof outdoor clothing with you, good hiking shoes and a GPS tracking device.


Day tour to Þórsmörk

Day tour to Þórsmörk

Available from 15/6. – 9/9. 2018

A day tour without a guide to Þórsmörk, an oasis of natural birch woods. The landscapes of this charming destination is a series of deep valleys, crisscrossed by numerous fast flowing rivers, fantastic hiking trails and glaciers on three sides.

  • 7:30 from Reykjavík Town Hall Vonarstræti 4
  • 7:45 from Reykjavík Campsite Laugardalur
  • 8:00 from Reykjavík Miklabraut South (Kringlan)
  • 8:50 from Selfoss – N1 gas station



You can step on the bus on three bus stops in Reykjavik; in Aðalstræti 2 at 7:30, at Reykjavik campsite Laugardalur at 7:45 and Reykjavik Miklabraut at 8:00. You can also embark the bus in Selfoss (N1 gas station) at 8:50 and Hella at 9:25. The bus will take along the south shore through the fertile green countryside into the remoteness of the Highlands. On the way to Þórsmörk the bus has to stop in villages and towns to pick up passengers. The last stop on the main road is at the food stand at Seljalandsfoss where you can buy lunch packages. After that we head on to rougher roads where the bus has to cross several unbridged rivers.

There are two stops in Þórsmörk: BÁSAR and LANGIDALUR so you must decide which one you chose to visit. We are scheduled to arrive at 12:00 and depart again at 13:45 from Langidalur and 14:00 from Básar.  In both places you can choose from various short hikes.

Hiking routes in BÁSAR:

  1. Walk the lovely Bólhöfuð circular walk. Start beyond the wardens’ hut and return down the wooden steps behind the lodge. [1 – 1½ hrs]
  2. Walk up Strákagil and back [2½ – 3hrs]
  3. Ascend Réttarfell (1½ – 2 hrs – longer if you do the full circuit via Álfakirkja)

Hiking routes in LANGIDALUR

  1.  Ascend Valahnúkur for a superb 360o view of the glaciers, valley and desert. [1hr up; ½ down]
  2. As above but descend to Húsadalur huts and return by the valley [1¾ – 2½ hrs]
  3. Walk to Húsadalur huts through a lovely valley. Stop for a coffee and return the same way. [2 – 3 hrs]