Trekking and hiking in Iceland

Are you and your clients planning a tour to Iceland?   Why not participate in a hiking or trekking tour.   The best way to experience nature is mans most original way of travel – by foot.  A challenge invigorating for body and soul.  You only have to carry what you need for each day, with transport provided for the rest of you baggage.   Please check on either tour on offer here.

Trekking tour Laugavegur – 5 days with day pack between mountain huts on Icelands most fascinating hike in the South-Central Highlands – all inclusive – full board.

Walking / hiking in Kerlingarfjöll mountains – 3 days moderate hikes with day pack in the central highlands of Iceland – all inclusive – full board.

We also offer scheduled bus connections to two popular destinations – both of which are part of the Laugavegur trekking tour, one as starting point and the other at the closing end of the trail.

Landmannalaugar is almost invariably the starting point of the Laugavegur trail but also a much praised location for shorter one or part day hikes in the area, or just relaxation in the local natural hot pool.
Þórsmörk meets those finishing the the Laugavegur trail but is also ideal for one day visits or any number of days.  An almost endless choice of hiking trails makes it one of the most popular destinations by the local population.

Laugavegur trekking

Laugavegur trekking

The Laugavegur is a famous trekking route in South-West Iceland from the hot springs area of Landmannalaugar to the glacial valley of Þórsmörk. It is noted for the wide variety of landscapes that are experienced in just 55 km. The route is typically completed over 2–4 days with potential stops at the mountain huts at Hrafntinnusker, Álftavatn and Emstrur. An ultramarathon is held on the route each July. It used to possible to combine the trek with the Fimmvörðuháls route which goes over the pass from Þórsmörk to Skógar for an additional one or two days (25 km). However, due to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in spring 2010 the Fimmvörðuháls route has been partly blocked, but passage is possible. Ask locals about the conditions. Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, and Skógar are all reachable by bus during the summer.

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Laugavegur highland trekking route

Departures 2014:
1. 30/6. – 04/7.
2. 07/7. – 11/7.
3. 14/7. – 18/7.
4. 21/7. – 25/7.
5. 28/7. – 01/8.
6. 07/8. – 11/8.
7. 14/8. – 18/8.

Price:  € 1.040,-

Bookings on:

Maximum participants:  16 persons

One of Europ´s most fascinating trekking routes.
Lodging in mountain huts.
Luggage transfers.
Full board.
Small international groups with an experienced local trekking guide.



Day 1 Reykjavík - Landmannalaugar

Guests are picked up at 07:15 to 07:45 in the morning from their accommodation in Reykjavik. We drive to the beautiful rhyolith area Landmannalaugar were we will spend the afternoon with a relaxing walk through this colourful landscape. A black obsidian lava stream forms a magnifique contrast to the green, white, red and yellow hills. Here in Landmannalaugar is one of the few possibilities to take a bath in a natural hot pool, surrounded by this fascinating landscape.

Day 2 Day walk: Landmannalaugar (600m) - Hrafntinnusker (1100m) - Álftavatn (530m); (walking time about 8 hours)

We will start early today, as we have a long day ahead of us. But we needn’t worry because our bus driver will take care of our luggage and bring it to Alftavatn. We only carry the things we need for this daytrip.  At first our hiking path is slowly uphill until we get to the hot spring area of Storihver which lies fascinating between the yellow, red and black lava. As soon as we passed Hrafntinnusker we will have a great view and walk on the plateau until we descend to Lake Alftavatn and our hut for this night.

Day 3: Alftavatn (530m) - Emstrur (500m); (walking time: about 6 hours)

Today we will walk over wide and expanse areas of gravel and sand, crossing few (rather cold) rivers. While walking we can feel the wideness and loneliness of this country. Today’s terrain is rather flat but with a wonderful view to the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

Day 4: Emstrur (500m) - Thorsmörk/Langidalur (200m); (walking time: about 6 hours)

The walk starts east from the hut through a colourful canyon and we will have a great view to  the Myrdalsjökull glacier. We cross the river Sydri-Emstruá on a bridge and the trek runs easily along the river Markarfljot. The closer we come to the green valley of Thorsmörk the more we understand why Iceland is called the country of contrasts. Before reaching Thorsmork we’ll need to wade one river

Day 5: Thorsmörk - Reykjavik

Before leaving Thorsmörk we will climb the hill Valahnjukur for a good view over the valley, the glaciers and rivers here. We will walk into the small canyon Stakkholtsgja and find there a very beautiful waterfall. We pass by a small glacier lake and perhaps we even will see some icebergs swimming in this lake. Driving along the green South Coast of Iceland we come back to Reykjavik.


  • Transfer Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar as in itinerary
  • Transfer Thorsmörk – Reykjavik as in itinerary
  • Luggage transport day 2-4
  • Sleeping bag accommodation in mountain huts day 1 – 4
  • Full board 1st day lunch till 5th day lunch
  • English/German speaking trekking guide.

Accommodation in Reykjavik is not included!
Itinerary might change due to weather, road conditions and forces of nature.


Equipment necessary for this tour:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Towels
  • Warm underwear (no cotton but wool or transtex)
  • Walking socks
  • Good, used walking shoes
  • Shoes for crossing the rivers (slippers, trainers…)
  • Shoes to use during the evenings in the huts
  • Fleece or angora jackets
  • Tracksuit
  • Gore-Tex jacket and trousers
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Swimsuit
  • Toilet articles for personal use; sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack to carry your daily luggage during the walks (2nd pair of clothes, lunch…)
  • Walking sticks (is better for your knees and safer when crossing rivers)
  • Torch
  • Plaster for blisters and medicine for personal use

Kerlingarfjöll hiking

Kerlingarfjöll Hiking

Kerlingarfjöll (1,477 m (4,846 ft)) is a mountain range in Iceland situated in the Highlands of Iceland near the Kjölur highland road. The volcanic origin of these mountains is evidenced by the numerous hot springs and rivulets in the area. And indeed, they are part of a large volcano system of 100km² (38.6 square mile). The volcanoes of the range are tuyas.

The earth is shimmering red in this area because of the volcanic rhyolite stone the mountains are composed of. Minerals that have emerged from the hot springs also color the ground yellow, red and green.

The area was formerly known for its summer ski resort, but this was dismantled in 2000.

From 2000 Kerlingafjöll have been operated as a highland resort, offering accommodation and food services to the guests in the area.



Walking in Kerlingarfjöll in the South Central Highlands.

For booking info, price and available departures 2013 please see below.

Kerlingarfjöll is a mountain range set in the highlands near the Kjölur mountain pass.  The area was formerly well known for its summer ski resort, but this was closed for skiing in 2000 because ashes from repeated eruptions of the volcano Hekla ruined the snow conditions.  Now the emphasis is on the great possibilities this area has for walking and enjoying untouched nature in it´s essence.  In our 3 day guided tour you get acquinted with most features of Iceland’s natural beauty and interesting landscapes. Colourful mountains composed of the volcanic rhyolite minerals, high geothermal area, hot pools for bathing, diverse vegetation, rivers and glaciers.

Please note: A hike from 3 hours up to 8 hours, but only with a day pack, but all the same participations will have to be in good health and reasonably fit.

Price:  € 650,-

Bookings on:

Departures 2014:

1.  26.6. – 28.6.
2.  03.7. – 05.7.
3.  10.7. – 12.7.
4.  14.8. – 16.8.

Maximum participants: 20 persons.


Day 1 Reykjavík - Snækollur - Kerlingarfjöll

Guests are picked upp at 08,00 – 08,30 in the morning from their accomodation in Reykjavík or on the way and we drive to Kerlingarfjöll with stopover at the famous Geysir area and Gullfoss waterfall. After lunch in Kerlingarfjöll we head for the peak Snækollur which is a great viewpoint (weather permitting).  3 – 5 hour walk in the afternoon. Bath in a hot pool and dinner in the evening.

Day 2 Hveradalir - the valley of hot springs

We taka a whole day walk from our accomodation in Kerlingarfjöll to the colourful Hveradalir – the vally of hot springs and nearby hills or mountains. 6 – 8 hour walk.

Bath in a hot pool and barbeque dinner in the evening.

Day 3 Hvítárnes - Hagavatn

We return back in the morning and enjoy the impressive scenery of the Kjölur mountain area between the glaciers, Hofsjökull and Langjökull. We stop at Hvítárnes and drive across Bláfellsháls and take a  sidetrack to the Hagavatn lake which is out of the main tourist routes but is a unique place to visit. We will take a walk from the small Hagavatn mountain hut (built by the Touring Club in 1942) up to the lake which is close to the Langjökull glaciers and learn the history of it’s glacier outburst and other naturphenomenon.  A 3 – 5 hour walk.  After the walk we drive south the Kjölur mountain route, passing Gullfoss and our last stop will be Thingvellir national park before driving back to Reykjavík.


Included in the price:

Private bus for full 3 days
An English/German speaking tour guide
Lodging in made up beds in Kerlingarfjöll mountain cabin.
Full board from lunch on day one to lunch packet on day 3

Accomodation in Reykjavík is not included
Itinerary might change due to weather and road conditions.



Landmannalaugar (Icelandic, meaning the people’s pools) is a region near the volcano Hekla in southern section of Iceland‘s highlands.

The Landmannalaugar area is a popular tourist destination and hiking hub in Iceland‘s highlands. The area displays a number of unusual geological elements, like the multicolored rhyolite mountains and expansive lava fields, not far from the service center. The many mountains in the surrounding area display a wide spectrum of colors including pink, brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, black, and white. Two of the most popular mountains among hikers are Bláhnúkur (meaning “blue peak”) and Brennisteinsalda (meaning “sulphur wave”).

Landmannaluagar is a popular tourist destination. Tourists visit the area from June through late September, after which time the road is closed. A mountain lodge, in operation since 1951, can accommodate 78 people and has basic amenities. It is located centrally near natural geothermal hot springs, also popular with tourists.

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Landmannalaugar – natures sculptures. An area of varied shapes and forms with colourful rolling hills and mountains tinted by rhylolite minerals and obsidian post glacial lava flows. Almost invariably the starting point of the famous Laugavegur trekking trail, but also an ideal base for a variety of revarding daylong or shorter hikes. The local natural geothermal pool and showers facilitate perfect relaxation at the end of the day.

Daily departures from Reykjavik 14/6.-8/9.2014

At 07:30 hours from the Tourist Info Center, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík.
At 07:45 hours from the Reykjavík Camp Site in Laugardalur, 105 Reykjavík
At 08:00 hours from The Iceland Touring Association office in Mörkin 6, 108 Reykjavík.

For further details please observe the timetable on the tab to the right.

To travel to the attractive area of Landmannalaugar is ideal for one day visits or an extended stay, whichever suits you better.  Camping facilities and sleeping bag accomodation in mountain cabins available.

For cabin accommodation please the local hiking club under for overnight in sleeping bags.

Childrens fare (up to 11 years):  Half price.

Timetable to Landmannalaugar  14/6. – 7/9. 2014.
To Landmannalaugar14/6.-7/9.1/7.-31/8.
FromThe info center, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Rvk.07:3012:30
Campsite Laugardalur07:4512:45
Ferðafélag – Mörkin 6, 108 R.08:0013:00
Hveragerði * (Shell & N1)08:3513:35
Selfoss (N1 gas station)08:5013:50
Hella – (Árhús & campsite)09:0514:05
Hella – (Bus stop)09:2514:25
Leirubakki – (hotel & campsite)10:0015:00
Rjúpnavellir – (cabins & campsite)10:1015:15
Landmannahellir (travel service)*11:1016:15
ToLandmannalaugar (cabins & campsite)11:4016:40
To Landmannalaugar14/6.-7/9.1/7.-31/8.
Landmannahellir (travel service)*14:1518:15
Rjúpnavellir – (cabins & campsite)15:15/15:3019:15
Leirubakki – (hotel & campsite)15:4519:30
Hella – (Bus stop at Miðvangur)16:2520:10
Hella – (Árhús & campsite)16:4020:10
Selfoss (N1 gas station)17:1520:45
Hveragerði * (Shell & N1)17:2520:55
Ferðafélag – Mörkin 6, 108 R.18:0021:30
Reykjavík Campsite Laugardalur18:1521:45
ToThe info center, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Rvk.18:3022:00
* Stop only if passengers – please call 896 0123.
Bus fare Landssveit & Landmannalaugar.Adults Ikr.Youths   12-15 yrs
Reykjavík – Landmannalaugar8.4004.200
Landmannalaugar – Reykjavík8.4004.200
Return fare from Reykjavík14.2007.100
Hveragerði / Selfoss – Landm.laugar6.8003.250
Reykjavík – Leirubakki5.8002.900
Reykjavík – Rjúpnavellir5.8002.900
Reykjavík – Landmannahellir6.9003.450
Hella/Hvolsvöllur:  Landmannalaugar5.5002.750
Hella:  Leirubakki / Hekla4.2002.100
Leirubakki – Landmannalaugar4.2002.100
Return fare from Hveragerði / Selfoss13.2006.600
Return fare from Hvolsvöllur / Hella10.9005.450
Free for 11 years & younger in care of adults.
Half fare for 12-15 years in care of adults.
Rates for parcel / luggage deliveries only.
1 pc.   kr.1.700,-
2 pcs. kr.2.700,-
3 pcs. kr.3.400,-
Luggage / parcels to Þórsmörk are free of charge if bus fare is bought to Landmannalaugar.

Recommended part or full day walks in Landmannalaugar.

Brennisteinsalda (880 m.) & geothermal field – ca. 2 hrs.
To the geothermal field (ascent 100 m.) below Brennisteinsalda & back the same way.

Brennisteinsalda (880 m.) & Grænagil – ca. 3 hrs.
To the geothermal field (ascent 100 m.) below Brennisteinsalda & back via Grænagil (green gorge).

Panorama from Brennisteinsalda (880 m.) – ca. 3 hrs.
To the top of Brennisteinsalda (ascent 280 m.) to enjoy the view from there to return back the same way.

Bláhnúkur – Blue peak (940 m.) – ca. 3 hrs.
Hike to the top of Bláhnúkur (ascent 340 m.) to enjoy the magnificent view from there.

Bláhnjúkur (940 m.) – Skalli (1017 m.) – Reykjakollur (743 m.) – 6-8 hrs.
Time allowing continue from Bláhnjúkur south to Skalli to return along Jökulgil and over Reykjakollur.

Suðurnámur (951 m.) – Háalda (1143 m.) – 5-6 hrs.
To Suðurnámur (ascent 350 m.) & Háalda (ascent 543 m.) to return via part of the Laugarvegur trail or Vondugil.

Brandsgil & Reykjakollur (743 m.) – 2-3 hrs.
An easy & colourful hike into the Brandsgil gorge & to the top of Reykjakollur (ascent 140 m.) for a view over Jökulgil canyon & Landmannalaugar.
Click here for a hiking map of Landmannalaugar – 1,4 mb. (available by the Nature Reserve rangers):



Þórsmörk and Goðaland are very popular destinations for many travellers, not least among the local population, both in winter and summer.

Þórsmörk is to the north of the treacherous Krossá river with the rivers Markarfljót & Þröngá as boundary still further to the north.  Langidalur in Þórsmörk is the end of the very popular Laugavegur trekking trail.

Goðaland is to the south of Krossá with the imposing Eyjafjalla- & Mýrdalsjökull galciers’ in its back garden.   Goðaland gives access to the hiking pass across the 1000 meter tall Fimmvörðuháls over to hamlet Skógar to the south.

Both areas count as wonderland for hikers, with endless trails and routes, in countless small valleys and gorges, with delicate birch woods, glacial rivers, crystal-clear brooks and splendid mountain scenery. The sheltered location frequently enables the sun to shine through, even if its raining on the other side of the glaciers’, with winds blowing from south and east. The area is not easly accessible, after leaving the main road, which is an attraction in itself.  The adventurous approch almost invariably requires 4WD vehicles with ample ground clearance to tackle the 25 kilometer stretch of rough mountain track and numerous rivers and brooks en route.

Contact us for more details –



Þórsmörk – an oasis of natural birch woods. The landscapes of this charming destination is a series of deep valleys, crisscrossed by numerous fast flowing rivers, fantastic hiking trails & glaciers on three sides. Campsite facilities or overnight stay in mountain huts.

Daily departures from Reykjavík 14/6. – 8/9. 2014
At 07:30 hours from the TouristInfoCenter, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík.
At 07:45 hours from the Reykjavík Camp Site in Laugardalur, 105 Reykjavík.
At 08:00 hours from The Iceland Touring Association office in Mörkin 6, 108 Reykjavík.

For further details please observe the timetable on the tab to the right.

To travel to the attractive area of Þórsmörk and Goðaland is ideal for one day visits or an extended stay, whichever suits you better. Camping facilities and mountain cabins both in Básar on Goðaland or in Langidalur in Þórsmörk.

For cabin accommodation please contact either of the local hiking clubs under for Langidalur or for Básar.

Childrens fare (up to 11 years): Half price.

Time schedule to Þórsmörk & Goðaland 14/6. – 7/9. 2014.
To Þórsmörk/GoðalandDaily
FromInfo Center, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík07:30
Reykjavík camp site, Laugardalur07:45
Mörkin 6, 108 Reykjavík08:00
Hveragerði * – (N1 & Shell)08:35
Selfoss – (N1 service station)08:50
Hella (Árhús & Campsite)09:05
Hella (Bus stop)09:25
Hvolsvöllur – (N1 service station)10:00
Gígjökull – Eyjafjallajökull11:00
Goðaland/Básar cabin & camp site11:15
EndÞórsmörk/Langidalur cabin & camp site11:30
From ReykjavikDaily
FromÞórsmörk/Langidalur cabin & camp site14:30
Goðaland/Básar cabin & camp site14:45
Gígjökull – Eyjafjallajökull15:00
Hvolsvöllur  – (N1 service staion)16:30
Hella (Árhús & Campsite)16:40
Hveragerði *17:25
Mörkin 6, 108 Reykjavík18:00
Reykjavík camp site, Laugardalur18:15
EndInfo Center, Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík18:30
* Stop only if passengers – please call 896 0123.
Bus fare Þórsmörk & Goðaland.Adults Ikr.Youths   12-15 yrs
Reykjavík – Þórsmörk6.8003.400
Þórsmörk – Reykjavík6.8003.400
Return fare from Reykjavík12.7006.350
Hveragerði / Selfoss – Þórsmörk5.8002.900
Landvegamót – Þórsmork4.9002.450
Hella / Hvolsvöllur – Þórsmörk4.2002.100
Seljalandsfoss – Þórsmörk4.2002.100
Return fare from Hveragerði / Selfoss11.6005.800
Return fare from Hella/Hvolsvöllur/Seljalandsfoss8.2004.100
Free for 11 years & younger in care of adults.
Half fare for 12-15 years in care of adults.
Rates for parcel / luggage deliveries only.
1 pc.   kr.1.700,-
2 pcs. kr.2.700,-
3 pcs. kr.3.400,-
Luggage / parcels to Þórsmörk are free of charge if bus fare is bought to Landmannalaugar.

PROVISIONAL COSTS (full board based on there being 20 people in the group):
Single Room:  £1290/person;
Twin room:  £1136/person

Inclusive of flights, taxes, coach transport (fully air conditioned 4WD or fixed-wheel), full board accommodation, Westman Islands ferry, folk museum, eruption center (, guiding.

(Optional extra:  Blue lagoon – approx £28 – – a unique experience).

Your guide:  Tony Escritt, a volunteer with the Central Norfolk Health Walks who has been visiting Iceland regularly for 50 years.  Tony is author of “Iceland – The Traveller´s Guide” (O/P).

Your Accommodation:  The accommodation will be at Hjarðarból ( for one night with the remaining nights at Hótel Dyrhólaey (, which is situated on a bluff looking south over Mýrdalur and the Dyrhólaey Nature Reserve.

Terms & conditions

Validity of prices:  All rates quoted are based on current prices and are subject to change without notice in the event of currency fluctuations, impositions of or increase in taxes due to any cost increase not under the direct influence of TREX.

Payments (only for flight):   75% of the payment has to reach TREX 4 weeks prior to departure. The final payment made within 30 days after receipt of a detailed invoice from TREX.

Cancellations (only for flight):  All cancellations on behalf of individuals or groups have to be made in writing (fax or e-mail). There is no cancellation fee if cancellation is received not later than 5 weeks prior to arrival. We apply, according to business practices within the Icelandic Travel Industry, the following cancellation fees if service is cancelled:

2 weeks to 5 weeks before arrival    20% of net price
3 days to 2 weeks before arrival    50% of net price
Less than 3 days before arrival    100% of net price

Please note: TREX does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents and changes in itineraries due to weather, strikes or other irregularities caused by forces or events outside the direct control of TREX. We also reserve the right to alter routes and departure times due to road or weather conditions without prior notice. We strongly advice travellers to purchase health and accident insurance in time, before going on the tour.

Your safety is our primary concern – please observe SAFETRAVEL.IS: