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With more than 40 years experience, TREX can be considered a pioneer of travel and tourism in Iceland.

If you need a bus or a sprinter for you and your group, whether it is for a short day-trip or a multi-day round tour, we are your ideal partner. We can also supply a guide for your tour.

We offer a modern and versatile fleet of coaches. Feel free to send us your inquiry to info@trex.is and we will reply as soon as possible.

Postal Address: Hestháls 10, 110 Reykjavík.

We Offer

  • Guided one day excursions for groups from Reykjavík.
  • Planning of guided round tours.
  • “Classical” round tours.
  • Trekking tours.
  • Winter tours.
  • Coach rental for highway and mountain travel.

We Provide

  • Highly qualified staff with in depth travel experience in Iceland.
  • Personal and flexible service to suit your travel requirements.
  • Certified guides with years of experience.
  • The suitable coach for your exact travel needs.
  • A Luxury coach for your smooth ring road travel.
  • A suitable coach for the bumpy highland track.
  • Experienced and skilful drivers.