Available from 21/6. – 9/9. 2018

Landmannalaugar is a unique area near the volcano Hekla – in southern section of Iceland’s highlands. It displays a number of unusual geological elements, like the multicolored rhyolite mountains and expansive lava fields, not far from the service center.

The Landmannalaugar area is a popular tourist destination and hiking hub in Iceland’s highlands.  It is almost invariably the starting point of the famous Laugavegur trekking trail, but also an ideal base for a variety of rewarding daylong or shorter hikes. A dip in the local natural geothermal pool and a hot shower afterwards at the shower facilities is the perfect relaxation at the end of the day.

Tourists visit the area from June through late September, after which time the road to Landmannalaugar is closed. A mountain lodge, in operation since 1951, can accommodate 78 people and has basic amenities.

Daily to Landmannalaugar from:

  • Reykjavík at 07:30 and 12:30
  • Hveragerði at 08:35 and 13:35
  • Selfoss at 08:50 and 13:50
  • Hella at 07:55, 09:35 and 14:35
  • Leirubakki at 08:25, 10:05 and 15:05
  • Rjúpnavellir at 08:35, 10:15 and 15:15
  • Landmannahellir at 09:35, 11:15 and 16:15

Attention! Please note that due to bridge and road repairing we will unfortunately not have a pick up point in Hveragerði between the 13th and 20th of August.

Available daily from 21/6. – 9/9. 2018
To LandmannalaugarHella busBus 1Bus 2Street Address
FromReykjavík, City Hall- 07:30 12:30Vonarstræti 4, 101 Reykjavík
Reykjavík, campsite (Laugardalur)- 07:45 12:45Sundlaugavegur 32, 105 Reykjavík
Reykjavík, Miklabraut South (Kringlan)-08:0013:00Miklabraut 101, 108 Reykjavík
Hveragerði, N1 service station *- 08:3513:35Breiðumörk 1, 810 Hveragerði
Selfoss, N1 service station-08:5013:50Austurvegur 48, 800 Selfoss
Hella, Árhús & campsite07:4509:1014:10Rangárbakkar 6, 850 Hella
Hella, bus stop 07:5509:3514:35Suðurlandsvegur 1, 850 Hella
Leirubakki, hotel & campsite08:2510:0515:05Leirubakki, 851 Hella
Rjúpnavellir, cabins & campsite *08:3510:1515:15Rjúpnavellir, 851 Hellu
Landmannahellir, travel service *09:3511:1516:15
ToLandmannalaugar, cabins & campsite10:0511:4516:45
Arrival time in Landmannalaugar depends upon road conditions
* Stops only if passengers. Please call:
Hella bus: 896-6741
Bus 1: 896-5182
Bus 2: 896-6797
To ReykjavíkHella busBus 1Bus 2Street Address
FromLandmannalaugar, cabins & campsite16:30 14:3018:00
Landmannahellir, travel service *17:0015:0018:30
Rjúpnavellir, cabins & campsite *18:0016:0019:30Rjúpnavellir, 851 Hellu
Leirubakki, hotel & campsite *18:1016:1019:40Leirubakki, 851 Hella
Hella, bus stop18:4016:40 20:10Suðurlandsvegur 1, 850 Hella
Hella, Árhús & campsite18:4516:5020:20Rangárbakkar 6, 850 Hella
Selfoss, N1 service station * -17:20 20:50 Austurvegur 48, 800 Selfoss
Hveragerði, N1 service station * -17:35 21:05 Breiðumörk 1, 810 Hveragerði
Reykjavík, Miklabraut South (Kringlan) -18:10 21:40 Miklabraut 101, 108 Reykjavík
Reykjavík, campsite (Laugardalur) -18:20 21:50 Sundlaugavegur 32, 105 Reykjavík
ToReykjavík, City Hall -18:30 22:00 Vonarstræti 4, 101 Reykjavík
* Stops only if passengers. Please call:
– Hella bus: 896-6741
– Bus 1: 896-5182
– Bus 2: 896-6797 


Return faresAdults 16+ 12-15 years**
Hikers bus pass* 14.900 14.900
Reykjavík > Landmannalaugar > Reykjavík16.8008.400
Hveragerði > Landmannalaugar > Hveragerði16.000 8.000
Selfoss > Landmannalaugar > Selfoss16.000 8.000
Hella > Landmannalaugar > Hella12.8006.400
Leirubakki > Landmannalaugar > Leirubakki9.500 4.750
Rjúpnavellir > Landmannalaugar > Rjúpnavellir9.500 4.750
One way faresAdults 16+ 12-15 years**
Reykjavík > Landmannalaugar9.100 4.550
Landmannalaugar > Reykjavík9.1004.550
Hveragerði > Landmannalaugar8.7004.350
Landmannalaugar > Hveragerði8.7004.350
Selfoss > Landmannalaugar8.7004.350
Landmannalaugar > Selfoss8.7004.350
Hella > Landmannalaugar6.9003.450
Landmannalaugar > Hella6.9003.450
Leirubakki > Landmannalaugar5.1002.550
Landmannalaugar > Leirubakki5.1002.550
Rjúpnavellir > Landmannalaugar5.1002.550
Landmannahellir > Landmannalaugar5.1005.100
Landmannalaugar > Landmannahellir5.1005.100

* Return fare to and from Reykjavík for hikers on the Laugavegur trail.
** Half fare for 12-15 years in care of adults – free for children 11 years and younger.

Terms & Conditions:

Departures: We ask our passengers to arrive at the bus station 15 minutes prior departure.

Change in reservation: If you wish to change your reservation we kindly ask that you give us advance notice, we are very flexible and will help with any alterations or changes you would like to make.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your trip 24 hours prior to departure we will fully refund your ticket. Pls. note that one unused leg of a return trip is nonrefundable.

Prices & Schedules: TREX reserves the right to change prices in the event of taxes or other cost increases out of our control. Tickets purchased prior to the increase will not be affected by the change. TREX reserves the right to make changes to schedules if needed e.g. in case of bad weather or road condition.

ATTENTION! Please be aware that the huts close on the Laugavegur trekking trail on the 19th of September. Therefore it is not possible to do the trekking after the 19th unless you have a tent.


Available from 21/6. – 9/9. 2018

The Hikers’ bus pass is ideal for those who intend to hike in the Laugavegur trekking trail or other hiking trails in this area with different start and end point. The pass guaranties a single transfer from Reykjavík to your starting point at Landmannalaugar or Þórsmörk and back to Reykjavík again – from Landmannalaugar or Þórsmörk. You can take all the time you need for the hike, provided it falls within the passport’s time frame 21/6 – 9/9 2018.

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There are two marked hiking trails in this area. You can also combine them into one extended hike.

1. Hellismannaleið is a three day hike from a start point at Rjúpnavellir to Landmannalaugar. A walk trough lava fields, moon-like black sands, up hills and down to green valleys.  This is a challenging hike with an elevation increase of 1000m. On day one – hike from Rjúpnavellir to Áfangagil, 17 km and walking time about 7 hours. Day two – from Áfangagil to Landmannahellir, 22 km and walking time about 8 hours. And finally on day three – from Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar, 17 km and walking time about 6 hours. You can take the Highland bus (at 07:30 or 12:30) from Reykjavík to Rjúpnavellir (arrive at 10:15 or 15:15).

To book accommodation in huts follow the links below:

2. Laugavegur trekking trail is one of the most popular and most traveled hiking trails in the Icelandic highlands. Laugavegur is a 3-4 day 55 km long trail between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk and is famous for spectacular scenery with colorful mountains and glaciers. The busiest time is in July and August but it is less busy in June and September. Most people start their hike on the more gentle slopes from Landmannalaugar but the more challenging way is to start the hike in Þórsmörk and ascend by a steeper approach and are rewarded with a nice warm bath in the Geothermal pool in Landmannalaugar. You can take the Highland bus (at 07:30 or 12:30) from Reykjavík to Landmannalaugar (10:10 or 15:35). Hike from Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker 600m, and from Hrafntinnusker to Álftavatn 1100m, with a walking time about 8 hours. Then you hike from Álftavatn to Emstrur 530m, with a walking time about 6 hours and finally from Emstrur to Þórsmörk 200m, walking time about 6 hours.

To book accommodation in huts follow the links below:

TREX also offers guided tours in English and German on the Laugavegur trail for those who prefer luggage transfer, and accommodation with a full board. You can find detailed information about our tours, prices, departures and booking channels here:

When hiking in Iceland take notice of constant changes in the weather in Iceland.  Be sure to take warm and waterproof outdoor clothing with you, good hiking shoes and a GPS tracking device.


Available daily from 21/6. – 9/9. 2018

Landmannalaugar – natures sculptures. An area of varied shapes and forms with colorful rolling hills and mountains tinted by rhylolite minerals and obsidian post glacial lava flows. An ideal base for a variety of rewarding daylong or shorter hikes and a dip into the local natural geothermal pool is perfect relaxation at the end of the day.

These day tours are not guided and are ideal for those who want to experience Iceland on their own. The bus will take you along the south shore through the fertile green countryside to the remoteness of the highlands. On the way the bus will make several short stops in villages and towns to pick up passengers. In Hella the bus stops for 15-20 minutes and there you can stretch your legs or buy some refreshments. The bus arrives in Landmannalaugar at 11:40 -12:00, and if you take our 18:00 bus back you get a little over 6 hours to explore the wonders of this pearl of Icelandic nature.

You can choose from various short hikes to explore the wonders and the beauty of the area. If you are not into hiking you can stroll around and take in the magic or relax in a bath in the natural geothermal hot pool, surrounded by this fascinating landscape. Remember to take your swimwear and a towel with you.

Hiking routes in Landmannalaugar:

  • Follow the easy, but sometimes rocky, red trail to the steaming Solfataras at the top of the Laugahraun lava flow. Return down the white trail, Grænagil. To get started go to the right of all the buildings and follow the track.
    Duration: 1½ – 2 hours.
  • The same as above but extend uphill from the Sulphur springs to visit Brennisteinsalda.
    Duration:  2 – 3 hours.
  • Make the steep ascent of the peak Bláhnúkur.
    Duration: 2.5 – 3.5 hours.

Additional cost: Fee for use of facilities at Landmannalaugar is 500 ISK. Fee for the use of a shower is also 500 ISK.

Please note: The Landmannalaugar area is a nature reserve so be kind and take all garbage such as packaging of food etc. back with you to the bus.

Do we have to book our bus tickets in advance?

We recommend that you do, since we can only guarantee a seat on the bus for those who already booked with us.

The buses tend to get full, and when they do we unfortunatelly can not provide transportation for those who haven‘t already booked.

We haven‘t booked our tickets, is it possible for us to buy tickets on the bus?

Yes. You can just show up at one of our pickups and speak to the staff on the bus.

If there are available seats you can buy your tickets on the spot. We accept cards and cash.

We need to cancel our booking, what can we do?
 Please send us an email to at least 24 hours prior to departure and we will fully refund your purchase.
We missed our bus, what can we do?

You can take another bus with us, free of charge.

Either send us an email to and tell us when you wish to take the bus, or just show up at departure time and ask the staff on the bus if there are available seats for you.

We need to change our booking, what can we do?

We are very flexible regarding any alterations you might need us to do on your booking.

Just send us an email to at least 24 hours prior to departure and we will take care of it.

Do you offer transportation of packages to be stored in Þórsmörk / Landmannalaugar?

Landmannalaugar: No. Unfortunatelly, Landmannalaugar do not offer storage.

Þórsmörk: Yes. We provide transportation of packages to both Básar and Langidalur, but only for those travelling with us. This service is included in the ticket price.

When is your first trip to Landmannalaugar?

We are scheduled to start going there on the 21st of June.

In our experience usually the snow on the road has already melted by then.

However, there is a small possibility that the road won‘t be open yet, in which case we would have to cancel the trip.

We would of course be offering those who had already booked their tickets a couple of alternatives:
– Reschedule, and take our bus to Landmannalaugar on another day instead,
– Reschedule, and take our bus to Þórsmörk instead,
– Get a full refund.

When is your first trip to Þórsmörk?
 On the 15th of June.
When is your last trip to Landmannalaugar / Þórsmörk?
 On the 9th of September.
Can we leave our car in Hella, and where?
 Yes. At the bus stop, Suðurlandsvegur 1 – 850 Hella, next to the service center and Kjarval grocery store.
Can we park our car in Leirubakki, and where?
 Yes. At the parking lot in Leirubakki, Leirubakki – 851 Hella.
We haven‘t booked our tickets, and want to board the bus in a pickup place where you only stop if there are passangers. What can we do?

Call our staff on the bus and let them know you wish to take our bus.

Phone number for buses to / from Landmannalaugar:
Please go to and choose Timetable.

Phone number for buses to / from Þórsmörk:
Please go to and choose Timetable.

What is the price for “this” transportation?

Price for transportation to / from Landmannalaugar:
Please go to and choose Rates.

Price for transportation to / from Þórsmörk:
Please go to and choose Rates.

What is the street address for “this” pickup place?

Pickups to / from Landmannalaugar:
Please go to and choose Timetable.

Pickups to / from Þórsmörk:
Please go to and choose Timetable.

When is the exact time of departure from “this” pickup place?

Pickups to / from Landmannalaugar:
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Pickups to / from Þórsmörk:
Please go to and choose Timetable.

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